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experienceDeveloping Informative Graphics since 1996

I am an electrical engineer by education, an artist by choice, a salesman by necessity, and a story teller by genetics. I have 9to5 experience in industries as diverse as manufacturing and fashion (with roles as diverse as sales, engineering, and graphic design), I have developed graphics, websites, and presentations for non-profits, heavy equipment manufacturers, service providers, startups, and financial experts. I have been in business for myself since 2008. Call me for a full review of my resume.

Big Paper Strategy

If you are looking for a live, in person graphic recorder to complement your meetings INSTEAD of a Power Point Presentation, Click Here.

Imagery and Styling

Along with presentation design, I spend 20% of my current career designing wall murals for commercial buildings, hotels, and schools. I research image libraries and come across awesome, inexpensive options for all types of presentations.


I help clients consolidate information from a fresh perspective. As Mark Twain said - "If I only had more time, I would have written less". With presentations, unforunately for the presenter but THANKFULLY for the presentee, LESS IS MORE.

Call to Action Steering

A Presentation is never about a Presentation- it is about convincing the recipient to take action. Whether it be to buy a product, join a cause, or aspire to the material, the goal of a presentation is the take away.


I do know how to take a decent photograph. My photography experience includes restaurant openings and food photography for several institutions. Real Life Photography always helps tell a story. I do not claim to be a professional photographer, but competent.


Matt Orley

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Example SlidesA small sampling of slides from power point design projects

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